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Kongsberg Hybelmotell - Terms and Conditions


The number of rooms to be delivered by Kongsberg Hybelmotell must be stated in the confirmation. Kongsberg Hybelmotell does its best to meet special requests, but can not be guaranteed. Resident must be over 20 years old. 


The transmission of this agreement is considered as delivery of the service. The dormitory room is accepted "as is" in accordance with information, drawings and photos on Kongsberghybelmotell.no. The customer must accept minor deviations from the information provided about the dormitory room. 


Validity of the agreement

Agreed amounts from-to date and prices are binding on both parties. 


If the dormitory room is not in accordance with the agreed terms, the customer must notify Kongsberg Hybelmotell within a reasonable time after the situation is discovered. Delayed complaints result in the loss of any default sanctions. 

If the customer causes damage to the dormitory, Kongsberg Hybelmotell will repair the relationship with the customer's cost. All rooms are non-smoking, violation will be fined NOK 5,000. If the customer breaches its obligations under the agreement, Kongsberg Hybelmotell can deactivate the customer's access card and complete check-out of the customer 1 day after Kongsberg Hybelmotell has sent notice of default. Pet keeping is not allowed, violation of this will result in extra cost for washing of NOK 1500, -

At check-out, the dormitory must be handed over well-maintained. In the event of negligent use that requires extra cleaning, this will be charged to the customer. 

In the event of a material breach of agreements, Kongsberg Hybelmotell may terminate the agreement and initiate a check of immediate effect. Default and use in violation of the agreement is considered a material breach. The customer accepts that Kongsberg Hybelmotell receives a pledge in all assets that are left in the dormitory after check-out. If Kongsberg Hybellmotell considers that the assets have limited economic value, Kongsberg Hybelmotell is free to dispose of the assets without notice. 


Customer's disposition of dormitory

The customer is obliged to take care of the dormitory with due care and in generally good condition. The customer is obliged to familiarize himself with fire instructions that are located in each dormitory. The customer must otherwise act in accordance with the house rules in force at any given time. 

Kongsberg Hybelmotell does not allow parties at the dormitories, and guards have the right to reject any resident who breaks the regulations. Kongsberg Hybelmotell reserves the right to refuse access or terminate the tenancy without reimbursement of the costs to any resident who creates disorderly conduct. 

The customer must give Kongsberg Hybelmotell access to the dormitory for cleaning and other necessary maintenance.

The customer must notify Kongsberg Hybelmotell immediately if damage is discovered to the property. 


Kongsberg Hybelmotell - Terms and Conditions


The tenant must be over 20 years old and become the contact person and responsible for the booking. Subletting the dormitory is not permitted. The customer is financially responsible for damage to furniture, as well as missing equipment on departure. All business activities are prohibited. All cancellations and changes to a reservation must be sent in writing to kongsberg@hybelmotell.no to be considered valid.

Cancellation and change of stay 1-7 days. Cancellation on the same day as check-in will be charged 100% in full. Cancellations made before 24 hours before check-in will be charged an administration fee of NOK 100 per room and the rest of the room price will be refunded.

In case of unannounced absence, the customer will be charged in full 100% of the stay.

Cancellation and change of stay 7-90 days. Cancellation or change later than 7 days before arrival will be charged up to 10% of the price. 

In case of unannounced absence, the customer is charged with up to 7 days according to the agreed price for the entire stay. 

At the beginning of the tenancy, the stay must be paid in full, regardless of the tenant's use. If the rooms are made inaccessible by the landlord, the rule falls away.

Kongsberg Hybelmotell's duties

Kongsberg Hybelmotell shall ensure that the dormitory is cleaned once a week, unless otherwise agreed. Kongsberg Hybelmotell shall ensure cleaning at every check-out of the dormitory room. Kongsberg Hybelmotell will keep the dormitory insured. Kongsberg Hybelmotell is otherwise not liable for damages, costs or losses that may occur in the event of burglary, fire, smoke development, power outages, water damage, etc. for other reasons. In this connection, the customer agrees that Kongsberg Hybelmotell shall be kept indemnified. Residents are encouraged to take out travel insurance, and must report theft or damage themselves. 


Complaints from customers or residents must be submitted in writing to Kongsberg Hybelmotell as soon as possible and no later than the day of departure. 


  • The Rent Act does not apply to this contractual relationship, cf. the Rent Act § 1-1 (4)
  • The customer decides that a compulsory deviation can be carried out in accordance with the Compulsory City Burden Act § 13-2 (3) alternative a
  • As delivery is considered to take place upon final order and transmission of the agreement, the rule on cancellation pursuant to the Consumer Purchase Act § 41 applies to the contractual relationship. 
  • As the agreement falls under the Right of Withdrawal Act § 22 letter b., The rule on the right of withdrawal does not apply to the contractual relationship. 
  • Subletting is not allowed. 
  • When booking one room with 2 guests in total, you must tick the box for extra bed, so that you pay the correct amount for the extra guest.
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